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Triangle chp13
One year later.

Noah was surprised to see Luke walk in the front door of Mirage.
He could tell Luke was surprised to see him as well.
"How are you?" Noah said a little stiffly.
"Good, good."
There was an awkward silence. Noah noticed that Luke looked good. Really good. Not just his looks, those hadn't changed, but his aura. More directed, more mature, something.
"So, uh, how’s Reid?"
"Oh, um, he’s fine. I just talked to him last week."
Noah looked a little puzzled. "You mean…you’re not together anymore?"
"No. We…er…I broke it off like half a year ago."
"You did?" Noah’s tone was on the edge of being hostile all of a sudden.
"No, no," Luke laughed a little, "it’s not bad between us. We’re still friends, talk pretty often! Just decided we weren’t all that compatible."
"Oh." Noah looked only a little relieved. "Well, I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work out."
"Yeah, it was a bummer for a while, but I don’t think either one of us regretted getting involved. We agree that we both made some really good changes in our lives as a result of knowing each other."
Noah nodded while he took in this last statement but Luke could tell he was hoping for more information. Luke didn’t give him any. He turned the tables instead.
"How about you, Noah? How are you?"
Noah looked a little older to Luke all of a sudden, still so handsome but a bit more world weary. "Well…I guess this has been a rough year for me." But, he tried to strike an optimistic note, "I did get one thing straight."
"I’m not."
They both laughed.
"Well, I guess I owe you a little bit of an apology then. I didn’t think you had it in you."
"Well, why would you?" Noah smiled a little ruefully.
Luke looked over his shoulder for a moment and waved at someone. He turned back to Noah. "Listen, I’d better run. I’m meeting a couple of business associates and one of them is already here." He paused. "I’m editing my own webzine these days. It’s actually doing quite well! Focuses on entertainment and culture in the city." He leaned in. "Actually, don’t mention it to your boss but the reason we're here is that we’re doing a little review of this place tonight! We aren’t afraid of putting Brooklyn to the test, too!"
Noah looked both ways for effect, then put his finger to his lips. "Don’t worry, I won’t breathe a word," he said in a low voice. "Truth be told, the guy's a prima donna, but you didn’t hear that from me. Any attention he gets is good attention in his book!"
Luke chuckled.
Noah smiled back. "Man, that’s great that you started your own zine!" He seemed genuinely impressed.
Luke looked thoughtful for a moment. "I think that’s one of the things Reid did for me. Made me remember I could have some goals. Well, bye Noah." He started to walk away and then turned back. "Listen, maybe I’m out of line here, but you should go look Reid up one of these days. He’s up to his ears in med school, but, I don’t know, I think you two should talk."
"Is he at Mount Sinai?" Luke noticed that Noah didn’t quite respond to his first statement.
"Yup, he got in just like he’d hoped." Luke smiled. "See you, Noah!"
"Bye, Luke."


Reid turned the corner. He had all of fifteen minutes to grab something from a vending machine before he had to get to a seminar. The place was busy, lots of people rushing on their way to somewhere. So Reid didn’t realize that Noah was in front of him until he was just a few steps away. For a moment Reid looked like he was seeing a ghost. Then he seemed to snap out of it.
"Hi Reid."
"In the neighborhood?"
"Actually, yeah. My cousin and his family live down the way, and after I left his house, I thought...well...I heard that you were here now."
"Yeah, Luke called me the other day. Said he told you to drop by and see me sometime." Reid paused. "I didn’t think you really would."
Noah nodded almost imperceptibly.
"I thought about going to your apartment, but I forgot to ask Luke if you still lived there, and, well, it just would have been too damn depressing if you'd moved."
"I didn't," Reid said softly.
"How are you?"
"Strapped for time." Reid seemed to stiffen a little and looked at his watch. "Have a seminar in like 11 minutes. They keep us on pretty short leashes here. I was just running to grab some lunch out of the vending machine..."
"Yeah, I was pretty surprised to see you just now actually. Thought I was gonna have to page you or something." Noah reached out and lightly fingered the material of Reid’s top. "Like the scrubs. You’re official now." He smiled a little.
"Yep." Reid kept his tone light. "How about you?"
"Well, I’ve been promoted to management at Mirage. I’m also in talks with the owner about going in on rehabbing the neighboring property, which would be a good thing..." Noah's voice trailed off. He looked down, then back at Reid. "So Luke said you and he aren't together anymore."
"That's true. He broke up with me. Well, we kind of both broke it off in a sense. Decided we made better friends than anything else."
Noah nodded. "That's what he said. He also said you both thought some good things came out of it?"
"Well, let’s see. Luke finally got somewhat of a past time besides being a constant man whore, as he put it. Went back to school part-time. Got his own webzine going."
Noah nodded. "Yeah, he told me a little about that."
"I guess it’s being pretty well received. Actually garnering some outside advertising revenue. Of course, it was totally financed by his family’s money, but we all knew that was a given…" They both smiled. "
But, yeah, Luke definitely taught me a few things too."
"Like what?"
"Encouraged me to be more outgoing, have a little more fun, get in other people's faces a little bit more when I need to..." Reid looked at Noah, hard. "Luke, uh, also told me that you made some decisions about your…life."
Noah smiled a little. "You mean I came out? Yeah, I did."
"How’s that been?"
"About how you’d expect. Some good days, some bad days, but mostly relief."
Reid nodded.
Noah grimaced a little. "My dad just started speaking to me again. Of course, he's still hoping it's a phase."
"Do you think it is?"
"No." Noah stared at him. "So, you seeing someone?"
"Nope." Reid gestured around the hospital. "Too busy anyhow."
"Haven't met anyone lately that interested me."
"Oh." Noah looked at Reid. "So you and Luke just decided you weren't right for each other, huh?"
"Yeah, well that and there was something else."
"What?" Noah said softly.
Reid paused, his blue eyes locked on to Noah's. "He told me he was also kind of tired of dating a guy who was still in love with someone else." He looked away for a moment and then back at Noah. "I had to agree with him."
"Reid, I…"
"No." Reid set his jaw. "I don’t think I can do this right now." His eyes suddenly looked a little red. "I have to go. Thanks for coming by Noah." He turned and walked quickly back the way he had come. Noah watched Reid leave and wondered if this was the last he would ever see of him.


Noah’s back was to the bar, he was crouched down and trying to reach a hose that kept popping of the back of a cooling unit. He finally was able to grab it and jam it back on. He had spent the afternoon training in a new employee and sent her to the back room half an hour ago to check inventory. He picked up his clipboard off the top of the unit and put it under his arm. He needed to go check on her progress. Noah called down to another one of his employees wiping down the other end of the bar.
"Mason, can you cover me? I need to go in back for a bit."
Mason gave him a thumbs up. Still kneeling, Noah pushed the cooling unit back in place. He heard a fairly inebriated female voice behind him. Someone obviously seated at the bar.
“Hey, are those scrubs under there? What are you, a doctor?" Pause. "I’ve always wanted to find me a doctor.”
Noah couldn’t help but smile, half amused at the conversation he was overhearing and also because a small part of him couldn’t help but think of Reid when he heard ‘scrubs,’ especially after seeing him at the hospital yesterday.
“Well, no, I’m not a doctor, yet…but thanks for noticing. I don’t usually wear them to bars. There were extenuating circumstances…”
Noah felt a rush of emotions. He slowly stood up, set his clipboard on the counter, turned and looked. Reid was sitting at the bar. He was wearing his scrubs, underneath a leather jacket, and he was seated next to a woman, a rather drunk woman who was gazing at him rather happily. But Reid wasn’t looking at her, he was looking at Noah, and he was smiling, too, a little smile, Noah’s favorite one.

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I was not bad as i excepted condersiding all the warning you gave me lol.The way it ended way fair thank you for that :P

Hey you bet. Yeah, had to give lots of warnings, didn't I? Anyhow, thanks for reading and commenting. ;)

you are most welcome was certainly different, different is not so bad once in a while!!

That's how I feel for sure. I know some won't agree, but if I just keep reading fic after fic where the ending is predetermined, my mind just becomes kind of dead and I start to get burned out on my appreciation of Luke and Reid together. Plus, I think Reid and Noah are hot together as well, at least in this fic!

I really don't like noah i never did and i never will..but i do like to keep an open mind about thing!!

Yeah, that's right, I forgot that you didn't like Noah. I appreciate your reading even more then! :)


You finished
and it turned out wonderfully

thanks a lot for writing this

Hey thanks jassanja! I'm glad you liked it - I'm really, really glad.


Yayz whilst Noah/Reid not together in the end it seems like they are working back to that :)

Dani Likey Very Very Muchly is glad all 3 Boys on friendly terms :D

Hey Dani,

Yeah, I would definitely say that Reid showed up at the bar because he's looking to start something with Noah, something more honest and grown-up.
And I liked them all being on friendlier terms too, and each having an arc. If anything I liked Luke SO much better than where I started him with, I just didn't quite see this version of him and this version of Reid having the love connection so to speak, and I actually thought it was right for Luke not to be with a guy at the end, because he's been doing that for too long. Reid I thought gained some humility and insight into himself, and Noah not only came out but took the initiative at the end to go and see Reid on honest terms, even if he had no guarantee as to how it would end.

Hey J! So happy for you that you finished it, and beautifully wrapped it up!!! I do love the fact that everyone got to learn something about themselves, that's really great and the most important thing to me.
*relieved to read that luke's ok, my heart is less broken than expected*

I still don't like Noah, I can't help the feeling, even in an AU and even if you do know how to write for the boys girl!!!!

What about writing Luke and Reid again? Can I ask you how you feel about that?

Hey comasisters!

Glad it wasn't TOO heartbreaking for you! Yeah, for a while there I really detested Noah, and couldn't even remember why I used to like him and Luke, but I don't know, since the show ended I think my brain is trying to arrive at some sort of happy amalgamation of all the good parts from both pairings or something. So now I like Noah (at least the way I wrote him and in a couple other fics I have seen). But that's OK, you don't have to like him ;)

Yeah, I still have to finish the last chapters for Three, although I admit my heart's not really in it just now. Eventually I will do it...just need to arrive at some inspiration.

(I also have a rather lengthy fic on the backburner that is an AU Reid/Noah, which is probably not your cup o tea, but I won't post that until it is absolutely done.)

But I will keep you posted no matter what! Hope you are well!

I do understand how you feel about the Lure inspiration right now and your attempt to find a way to make peace with the characters/pairings you loved, and still love, even if the show came to an end.

I've never been attached to the Nuke thing, so I guess this explains how I feel. But I like to talk about all this with you, it's nice to share those points of view.

It's funny because there wasn't really a triangle on the show, I never felt any competition between Reid and Noah, for me Luke knew for a long time that he would have to say goodbye to his first love. Watching him moving on from his first love, that was the real issue to me and we all know sometimes the first love is one of the most difficult thing to let go.

Well, anyway, wish you to have fun with Reid and Noah but I'm sure you have. And thank you for the well wishes, really hope you're doing just fine as well.
Speak soon, hopefully!!!!

Yeah, I think you are right about the Nuke thing. If you weren't ever into them before Reid came along then the whole thing probably reads differently. And I completely agree, the triangle on the show was a joke. Why they even made the pretense I don't know (but then again there was a lot about the writing for the show that sucked). Reid was such a knockout that there was no contest in my mind.

I do think the writing for Noah (and his relationship with Luke) sucked eggs for a long long time. Like when Noah first came out to Luke TPTB hinted at some sort of back story as to what homosexual leanings Noah displayed back in Missouri that got him in hot water with his dad, but no, that ball was dropped. Eventually we even had Noah telling Ameera that he just sort of became gay for Luke, which IMO is a pretty lame, unbelievable path to take. Even if it was one person who spurred someone to come out, there would likely be other fits and starts along the way.

Oh, well, I guess the bad writing (and some good writing too) spurs all of us to try our own hand, which is a good thing.

Keep in touch! :)

Thank you so much for this I really enjoyed this. Is it really over? :( maybe a follow up where he's out of medical school and him and Noah live together and start a family. Just saying but thanks, loved it

That would be a fun direction to take it, wouldn't it? Since I know you enjoy a little Reid/Noah I will for sure email when I post the fic I have been playing around with for a while. It's called Birthday Boy. I guess I have the Reid/Noah itch right now and I'm really scratching it!

Thanks for reading!

Oh, and loved that they were all cool in the and there wasn't a bad guy.

Yeah, I thought that was really important too, and much more like reality, where face it, life is complicated! :)

Hey, it's pretty interesting the way things did turn out, and I could definitely see a future for Reid/Noah though I'm just way too much into LuRe. But the way you wrote it made everything plausible. I enjoyed the angst, the twists and the surprises and the humanity of all 3--they all seemed lost but yet found themselves through each other; does that make sense?

Original idea with a satisfying ending. Good job!

You totally divined what I was trying to get at, which makes me happy. I am grateful that a dedicated LuReist still gave the fic a chance. Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it!

Where can I find the rest of this story...from the beginning??

Oh and I forgot, the other two chapters are on my lj page in case you didn't notice them (Chapters 11 and 12).

Someday I'll have to move them all into the same spot or post them on atwt slash or something. ;)

Hi amydambly,

If you go to the following link:
you will see that the chapters are all linked to at the top.


I love this story. I loved Luke & Reid on ATWT, but most of the stories that have been written, got Noah a moron, a criminal, a rapist. You name, he's done it. I like the stories were they all end up friends. Noah was not a bad character on ATWT, it was the writing and the acting that was bad. Thank you for this story. You are good. Sorry you could not finish your story on LURE, but some people act like Luke & Reid are real people, not fictional. So they get very emotional. I love most of the stories that are written on LURE. Keep up with your writing.

Hey Ohlovey, wow, thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot to me and I am glad you enjoyed this fic. I completely agree with you about the characterization of Noah and also about certain, ahem, fans of LuRe who seem to have lost a little objectivity, to put it nicely. Oh well, life goes on. I am still crafting another fic called Birthday Boy. I will certainly let you know when I finally post it! ;) Jen

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