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Triangle - chp11
At 10:25 there was a knock on the door of Reid's apartment. When Reid opened the door Noah reached for him and Reid stepped into the embrace. Noah pushed him towards his bedroom. "I want you. I need you."
"OK, OK," Reid replied.
When they got into Reid’s room with the door shut behind them, Noah fingered a bit of Reid’s shirt.
"Take your clothes off."
Reid did it slowly but he complied. He stood next to the futon, completely naked, and let Noah look at him. Noah moved one hand lower and palmed himself through his jeans. Reid watched this, stroking himself leisurely. Then Noah moved much closer. He put his arms around Reid, one hand clasped at his waist, the other at his lower back, drawing circles with his fingers on the smooth skin there. Both of them were getting off on the juxtaposition of a completely naked, vulnerable Reid and a fully clothed, more physically dominant Noah.
"You’re beautiful," Noah bent his head in and whispered in Reid's ear. He drew back and let his eyes travel down the other man's body, then back up to his mouth.  "Kiss me."
Reid put his face up and captured Noah's mouth with his, hard.
Noah brought one hand around and began running it along the silky length of Reid's cock. They kept kissing, though Reid had to occasionally pull back because of the sensations happening between his legs.
Noah slipped his shoes off and moved onto
the futon mattress, bringing Reid with him. He fell to his knees and deftly took Reid in his mouth, running his tongue along the shaft of Reid's cock and then taking him deeper and deeper into his throat. After a few minutes Noah reached for the lube that was laying nearby on the floor. He coated a couple of fingers and slipped them up inside Reid, still blowing him. Noah didn't want to stimulate Reid too much, just wanted him open a little, for later. But it wasn't long before the sight of this beautiful man downing his cock, along with the addition of Noah's fingers, caused Reid to shoot his load down Noah's eager throat.

Reid was thirsty and and went to the kitchen to grab some water, explaining as he left the room that Demetri was in Chicago at a conference, so they had the place to themselves. This bit of information caused a now naked Noah to surprise Reid in the kitchen a few minutes later.
"I wanna bend you over something and fuck you," Noah breathed in Reid's ear.
Noah soon had Reid splayed over the arm of the couch in the living room, Reid's ass in the air and his face buried in his hand on one of the seat cushions, Noah frantically pumping into him. "Uh" was the only discernible word out of either man’s mouth. Noah reached over and pinned one of Reid's arms slightly behind his back with one of his biceps. Reid hadn't really experienced this little bit of bondage play with Noah before. He loved it and he could tell that Noah knew he did. When Noah came it was with such force that Reid thought he was being torn in half.

Within 10 minutes Noah was hard again. Reid saw this.
"Fuck me one more time."

They were on the floor next to the coffee table, panting in tandem, Reid on his back. Noah grabbed at Reid’s hair and pulled his head back, sucking and nuzzling at his neck. Noah's cheek was pressed against the side of Reid's face, the beginning of stubble rough against Reid's skin, Reid's cock heavy and sandwiched between their stomachs. Reid couldn't get past how much he loved the weight, the smell, the taste of this ultra-masculine body on him. Then Noah slowed things down.  His hips were barely moving, yet ever millimeter of traction caused rapturous sensations throughout both men's bodies. Noah kissed Reid hard, then pulled back a little and looked into his face.
"Did you miss this?"
"What do you think?"
Noah looked into Reid's eyes and increased his pace. 
Noah, Reid breathed, keep going it's so good.
Three or four more strokes and Reid couldn't stop himself from coming, the hot stickiness cementing them together even more. Noah picked up even more speed-he could feel his ejaculation coming. "God, Reid," he panted between thrusts, "I fucking love you!" and then came, again and again.

Noah slept over. In the morning neither man said anything about what Noah had uttered the night before. Despite enjoying the most marathon session of sex they'd ever had together, they were both too busy trying
to shake off the nagging feeling that it would be their last.


Luke happened to get off a subway stop too early. He was tired and wasn't really paying attention. That's OK, he told himself, I'll just walk to Casey's from here. He made it up out of the subway and was heading east when he caught a familiar face in the distance. It was Reid. Luke was about to call out when he realized Reid wasn't alone. A tall, dark haired guy was walking with him. They stopped and Reid looked up at the taller man. The latter bent his head and they briefly kissed. Then  went their separate ways.
Luke felt slightly ill, and not just because he had seen Reid kiss another man. He knew this person who had been with Reid. It was Noah, the bartender from Axel's, Noah who Luke had hit on the night he had met Reid, Noah who was supposed to be fucking straight. Noah who had either lied to Luke or else changed his ways where Reid was concerned. Luke quickly fell back so that he wouldn't be seen. Now he knew why Reid had acted so odd that night at the restaurant. Part of Luke just hated Reid now, but he also knew that Reid had been honest with him, up to a point. It was hard to find much solace in it though. 
Even though he had known that Reid probably was still playing the field, as it were, it just bothered Luke intensely that the person Reid was seeing was Noah. Luke normally played it surface but underneath it all he knew why: Noah had rejected Luke's own advances and yet Reid had managed to snag him, and he had said he was straight and yet Reid was seeing him. But what Luke thought he should do about the situation was another thing.


Reid had tried to call Luke again earlier in the day, as he still had not heard back from him. It had gone to voice mail and Reid hadn't leave a message.
Now Reid tried Luke a third time. He was a little surprised when Luke picked up.
"Hey." Luke's voice didn't sound very friendly.
"Hey, how are you?"
"What's up? You sound kind of pissed off."
Luke sounded bored. "Oh really?"
"Listen, can I come by? I need to talk to you."
"Um, I don't know. I think I have plans."
"Luke, what is going on with you?"
"Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'm just reliving the sight of seeing you kiss that goddamn bartender from your work."
Reid fell silent for a few seconds. "Luke," he finally said, "listen, I'll be over in a while. Will you let me come in and talk to you?"
"I don't know. We'll see."
"Fine." Reid hung up.

Luke did let Reid into his mom's place, but once he was through the front door Luke would barely look at him.
"Luke, I'm sorry, I didn't want you to find out like that. I was trying to get a hold of you."
"And what were you going to say to me?"
Reid paused. "Well, I was going to say that we should maybe cool things off a bit. At least until I figured out where things were with...Noah and me. That I didn't want to give you the wrong impression."
"The wrong impression. Yeah, I guess fucking me might do that! Screw you, Reid!"
"Luke, I'm sorry."
Luke stared at him. "God, I feel like you've been using me."
"You know what, Luke, I never told you we were exclusive. In fact, I told you I wanted to keep my options open!"
Luke narrowed his eyes. "Yeah, I don't know, I guess I was assuming too much."
He walked over and looked out the window at the city below. "So it's really so hot and heavy with him, huh?"
"I don't know. Maybe."
Well, is he out?"
Reid looked away. "No, not quite."
"Not quite? What in the fuck does that mean? Is he planning on coming out?"
Reid sat down in the nearest chair and looked at his hands.

"Oh my god Reid, don't tell me you're that clueless!" Luke shook his head then stared at Reid. "When did you hook up with him?"
"Just wondering. Oblige me."
"Not long after I met you."
"Oh really."
Reid looked confused. "What's your point?"
"Oh nothing, I just wonder what his game is."
"His game?"
"Yeah, like he sees me ask you out and decides that he's going to be a wrench in the fucking machine just for yucks."
Reid sighed. "Well, I don't know if it was all that devious."
Luke paused. "So you're doing both of us, huh?"
Luke exhaled. "
Here I thought I was being bettered by hanging around you but maybe it's just that you're becoming more like me. I can't believe that you've been fucking both of us."
Reid stared at him. "Um, Luke, from what I've gleaned, that's been your modus operandi for years."
Luke looked a bit angry. "We're talking about you here, not me."
"Oh, OK," Reid said. "Glad we've got that straight!"
Luke was still glaring at him. "I really liked you."
Reid looked a little pissed off now. "Is it really me that you liked or is it just that you realize that there's a bigger world outside of the privileged one you've been lording over for most of your life? Or is it just that you think I'm hot?"
Luke looked a little sulky. "I don't know, maybe one of each?"
Reid smiled slightly and Luke couldn't help but smile a little too. Luke took a step closer and looked down at Reid. "But don't think you're going to charm your way out of this, Reid. I'm still really pissed off at you. And I wouldn't get too high and mighty. Yeah, I may be a spoiled playboy but at least I'm smart enough not to delude myself into thinking a certain someone is going to change for me, because I very much doubt that he is!"
Reid looked upset. "Yeah, well, I know that."
"You do, huh? Could have fooled me! You're whipped!"
Reid groaned. "
I'm sorry, Luke. I think I've gotten in over my head. Part of me wishes none of this ever happened..."
"So you could just go back to being cut off and alone? Probably not your best option." Reid looked up at Luke. The latter's face was serious. "You know what Reid? You're going to have to make a choice."

"You mean between him and you?"
"Maybe. Or maybe I just mean between living the kind of life you're living now and one that's out in the open. I've tried being with a guy on the down low before and it sucks.
I may be pissed at you but still, I don't know why you're selling yourself short."
Reid looked at Luke slightly anew. He was more mature than Reid had given him credit for. "Yeah, I suppose you're right."


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